Gwen Sullivan

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with "dirt from the scene".

I am currently  exploring the process of making paint from natural materials.  I have started studying the (very time consuming) process of extracting pigment from different colors of dirt.  I collect samples in zip-lock bags while traveling.  The soil must be sifted, washed, filtered, and dried completely to separate the pigment from the sand and clay.  Then the pigment is ground, filtered again, and ground extensively with oil (linseed, poppy, or walnut oil) using a glass muller. I like the idea of making oil paint the way the Old Masters did - using only natural materials, nothing synthetic or toxic.

This painting was accepted into competition at ArtFields 2016 - the south's most engaging  art competition and festival held in Lake City, SC April 22-30, 2016.  

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The road in this painting  "Family Farm Road - painted with dirt from the scene" was painted with oil paint hand made with dirt collected from the road, ditch, and ditch bank.  The trees, bushes, and sky were painted with regular, tubed oil paint.